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The Truth About Why Candi Sisler Wears Black . . .

Updated: May 17, 2019

Excerpted from article by Douglas J. Harding on Medium, May 15, 2019

"For years, West Virginians have been fighting to keep their water safe from dangerous chemicals, yet each day, countless working-class people across the state still have no access to clean water for drinking, cooking, laundry and other essential functions in the modern world. . .

. . .

“The struggle in this community runs deep,” Candi Sisler, teacher and president of Preston County Education Association, said. “Ever since I can remember, there have been problems with providing safe water to everyone.”

Sisler continued to detail a situation she remembered from her teenage years in which a flood destroyed a main water line, forcing an entire local community which lived “across the river” to get by without any running water for an entire month. Additionally, she said, kids in Preston County schools still today are often afraid to drink their water because they sometimes find it to be tinted orange and are unsure why.

Sisler said in her Preston County community, Whetsell Settlement, citizens do not have access to public water, and all the houses have wells for water access.

“This is our water on a normal basis; not abnormal at all,” Sisler said, holding up a large bottle of muddy-looking tap water she had brought along as evidence. “We could purchase an extra filtration system which would help for $10,000, but who has $10,000 laying around?” she asked.

Weekly, Sisler and those in her community must travel to other towns to transport water and to do their laundry because their water is unusable, she said.

“Or we just wear black all the time,” Sisler said. “The water turns my clothes orange (in the wash).” "

. . .

Read the full article on Medium, here:

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